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iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyAlthough the Bible is not a history book, it does claim to record real history. Names, places, events, and times are all mentioned as God revealed himself to the world. For a long time many of these people and places were lost to history and known only in scripture. But archaeological discoveries have shown that the Bible is an incredibly accurate book. iWitness Biblical Archaeology takes you to the digs and lets you experience many of the most important finds.


A great presentation of the best finds and unsolved mysteries in biblical archaeology. I couldn’t put it down!
John Bloom, Ph.D, Ph.D
Biola University


In this informative and dynamic new app by Doug Powell you can get a snapshot of all of the major archaeological artifacts as they relate to the Bible. It is a great learning tool which will help you dig deeper into the history of the Bible – and it’s fun! If Indiana Jones had an iPad he would have this app!
Ted Wright
Executive Director, CrossExamined.org




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