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Jesus iWitnessMore has been written about Jesus Christ than any other person who ever lived. Now Jesus iWitness takes you on a visual, highly interactive tour of his life. Using paintings and vintage photos of the Holy Land, Jesus iWitness captures the reality of the events, places, and people in the life of Christ. The meaning of Jesus and the theological importance of the events of his life are explained as you take a self-guided tour of the greatest story ever told – or shown!


“One of the most fascinating characterizations of the life of Jesus of Nazareth I have ever seen. Here, in an entirely fresh and compelling way, the people, places, and theological significance of the events of Jesus’ life speak to your life.”
- Greg Koukl
Stand to Reason
Author, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions


“I don’t know when I’ve seen anything like Doug Powell’s app Jesus iWitness. It’s not just the incredibly rich visual design, or the clear presentation of essential truths. It’s the interactivity.”
- Tom Gilman




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